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In Steve's mind, the feminist movement had faltered even before the Avengers had kindly knocked the icicles from his nose. True, he saw the occasional woman in a pantsuit on the streets of New York, but if fashion had become the only bellwether of a radical movement's success, then Chintzy Africana would represent the ultimate inability of the Afro-American rights movement to succeed.

Of course, this didn't stop him from grousing to Wanda that her costumes had a tendency to perhaps overemphasize her assets boobs?[heck no] chest area frontal area chest. Janet might occasionally call him "stodgy" as a result, but he refused to tell her that he would approve of revealing costumes only if they were considerably more equal opportunity (plus, he contended that he would look as good as Namor in a bikini).

The true measure of the feminist movement's failure remained its inability to highlight the necessity of equal sharing of domestic chores: the number of his colleagues of a male persuasion who couldn't boil water without starting a fire alarmed him. Sadly, Tony's PR subsidiary did not think a public service campaign featuring him in costume with an apron, a feather duster, and a frying pan would go over well, although he did note that both the nice young man who had asked him for Billy Kaplan's and Teddy Altman's autographs and the lone lady woman girl? woman (ironic that such a committee only had one) had seemed oddly impressed.

Ultimately, Steve resolved his turmoil concerning the current state of women's rights by campaigning heavily for local female politicians (when SHIELD or his handler "agent" allowed it) or volunteering in local women's shelters (when and if others thought this prudent). he tried to make the occasional political donation, too, but currently most of his money was spent on guaranteeing the Green Party a place on the ballot by 2020.


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