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(Páva, Irén Lovász & László Hortobágyi)

I have decided to share what is perhaps the most bizarre musical find I have made this summer: a Hungarian attempt at speculative fiction in the field of music. Apparently, the question WHAT IF OUR URALIC ANCESTORS TRAVELED SOUTHEAST INSTEAD OF WEST ends in Indonesia.

Overall, I find the attempt by the Hungarian singer to adapt to Indonesian musical styles kind of amusing? On the other hand, the usual fascination "world music" has with gamelan is a bit silly, especially when the given scenario most likely ends in URALO-TURKS. I would actually expect something more like the following:

(Tortadur, Sevara Nazarkhan)

Except in Hungarian. Or possibly something with more Mongolian influence:

(In memory of Kül Tegin - Külteginin Hiygizi, Official Orchestra of the Tuvan Cultural Ministry)

I mean, it still means you get to listen to someone talk about peacocks over gong chimes?

Also, here is Kulintang:

(Kulintang Contest in Mindanao)

(Um you may want to skip to 0:50)

Meanwhile, Indonesia doesn't need hypothetical scenarios to appropriate that most European of musical traditions, electronica (tongue fully in cheek).

(Kampung Yang Tenggelam, Belkastrelka)

(This band is great.)

Date: 2012-08-01 01:55 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] noldo
I was going to say something sensible but I got distracted by clicking every single related link on the Tuvan video and then about 50 more layers of related links so screw it um here have useless Yakut spoken word also Caucasus dancing.

Also I cannot upload um Paddy Pergi Ke Bandung or you would have WHAT IF JAVANESE PEOPLE WENT TO IRELAND FOREVER THOUGH.


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