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2013-04-25 07:43 pm

Why I am not allowed RPF

Me: Zayn Malik looks kind of like Indira Gandhi.... Gender Flipped Indian History High School AU.*

*okay, probably college
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2013-01-09 11:58 pm

Western Cooking Doesn't Have Conflict Resolution

In today's adventures, [personal profile] kaberett, C., and I went for lunch at a not!Italian restaurant (Pizza Express). My opinions: bruschetta should be toasted, not entire bread rolls with hot toppings Dessert was slightly confusing gelato that bore more in common with frozen whipped cream topped with nuts.

Following the meal, we made a necessary shopping expedition to the great British institution of John Lewis. Aside from continual astonishment at wooden mortar and pestle sets, the other baffling component was the gendering of goods and colors. For example, there were silicone muffin molds available on in the attractive shades of pink (for GRLZ) and blue (for BOIZ). However, as seen in this handy socimages text, the gender binary is in truth fractal**. This discovery was made upon finding purple, blue, and green cake molds in the shape of various modes of transport shelved with robots: generally, John Lewis uses this method to indicate toys suitable for boys.

However, kaberett and I tried to reach a conclusion concerning the gender in other, less clear contexts. For example, are dinosaurs fundamentally aimed towards a male consumer? Or, more logically, is this dependent upon the photorealism of the dinosaur? A completely stereotype-based argument could be formed that photorealism is fundamentally an artistic style used to appeal to women: women are more detail-oriented; ergo, design bearing this in mind will more accurately portray dinosaurs or other prehistoric quasi-reptiles. As a matter of course, men are more suited to "big picture" thinking; thus, a hasty sketch of dinosaurs is more appropriate for a product intended for male consumption. Bearing this in mind, this product (pictured below) is likely intended for men*.

Whereas this product (pictured below) is clearly for girls.

Note that our schema may diverge from that of the corporation in question, but their failings are not a fair target.

**Pink is manly because it is the color of UNDERCOOKED MEAT. Blue, by contrast, is feminine because it is the color of skies that are filled with birds that have feathers which are womanly b/c they are made of keratin like fingernails.

*Gender binary may not actually operate in any way like this. Or be anything except a social construct.

Also L'Oreal ads manage to equate hair care with orgasm regardless of gender. I'm dubious of this comparison.
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2012-12-14 04:26 am

An Incisive Review of Skyfall

Skyfall marks a return to form in Bond films,
where the women are exotic,
the men are the powerful,
and powerful femmes* are punished.

*Yes, I am counting M and Silva as Femme: Silva is played as an unsettlingly queer male (hence, effeminate) and M is a mother figure.
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2012-10-08 01:53 am

In Which Steve Rogers Has a Small Rant Concerning Feminism

In Steve's mind, the feminist movement had faltered even before the Avengers had kindly knocked the icicles from his nose. True, he saw the occasional woman in a pantsuit on the streets of New York, but if fashion had become the only bellwether of a radical movement's success, then Chintzy Africana would represent the ultimate inability of the Afro-American rights movement to succeed.

Of course, this didn't stop him from grousing to Wanda that her costumes had a tendency to perhaps overemphasize her assets boobs?[heck no] chest area frontal area chest. Janet might occasionally call him "stodgy" as a result, but he refused to tell her that he would approve of revealing costumes only if they were considerably more equal opportunity (plus, he contended that he would look as good as Namor in a bikini).

The true measure of the feminist movement's failure remained its inability to highlight the necessity of equal sharing of domestic chores: the number of his colleagues of a male persuasion who couldn't boil water without starting a fire alarmed him. Sadly, Tony's PR subsidiary did not think a public service campaign featuring him in costume with an apron, a feather duster, and a frying pan would go over well, although he did note that both the nice young man who had asked him for Billy Kaplan's and Teddy Altman's autographs and the lone lady woman girl? woman (ironic that such a committee only had one) had seemed oddly impressed.

Ultimately, Steve resolved his turmoil concerning the current state of women's rights by campaigning heavily for local female politicians (when SHIELD or his handler "agent" allowed it) or volunteering in local women's shelters (when and if others thought this prudent). he tried to make the occasional political donation, too, but currently most of his money was spent on guaranteeing the Green Party a place on the ballot by 2020.
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2012-09-28 06:10 pm

Excerpts from TZP, a story by queer writer R. Raj Rao

They are usually dishevelled strangers whom I meet in washrooms and bring home for sex.

Several of the men display criminal tendencies by demanding money from me after we finish.

In bed, they are all penetrators who dislike the use of condoms. [Peanut gallery: "Further reflecting their criminal tendencies?"]

Sunil, who's a waiter, really turns me on with his lewd ways. [Peanut gallery: "Lewd? What does he do, wink suggestively at you, sir?"]

"I want to show the world that I am so virile that I can even make a man pregnant."

"You've got to be white though, for the tattoo to suit you." [Peanut gallery: this was maybe problematized in the story sort of, but god knows it would only truly be appropriate if swiftly punished with fists to the nose]

Steve and I have known each other for ages. Steve loves Indians because he hates extremities of complexion, and Indians, according to him, are just right, neither too pale skinned like the Europeans, nor too dark like the Africans.

Steve was the first man I ever came out to, and it was because he is white. Indians like myself are comfortable discussing our sexuality with the white man, because he lives far away and is unlikely to out us. He is also without morals.

"Are you a size queen? Because I'm one."

We became buddies after that. Not lovers, because we simply weren't each other's sexual type. We trusted each other completely, and soon discovered we had other passions in common, such as our preference for working men. In queer politics parlance, we became "sisters".

He became promiscuous, though fortunately he did not test positive when he took an HIV exam recently. [Peanut gallery: "Aww, did he not study?"]

None of my sexual encounters had blossomed into anything permanent, where I had someone to care for me when I was sick, or perform my last rites when I kicked the bucket.

"Daft!" I said to Steve, whose reply was that Robert was his honey, and honeys had a right to be daft.

He is such a maverick, greying at the temples, not enslaved by bureaucracy and red tape, that at one stroke he alters my impression of policemen forever. He also knows English. [Peanut gallery: "Just shag John McCain already if you want a maverick." "I hate you so much for making me think about that."]

He then confirmed my worst fears, giving me gooseflesh. My shady sexual life will be exposed. I too might be regarded as a pedophile, and lynched.

They know I'm a novice in the world of crime, and treat me like a baccha.

Apparently this short-haired Parsi lady whom I have never met [...]

"Sex, of course, isn't just intercourse." [Peanut gallery: "So educational! :)"]

This is disgusting. Proof of the fact that firangs are sick. They see sex even where it does not exist.

"I believe she has clout." "The bitch!"

He hovers his hand over my crotch. [Peanut gallery: this is never sexy; but at least a "hesitantly" would make sense ]

"Even I can be gay," he says, and bursts out laughing. It's a laughter that does not cease until late in the night, when he passes out on the sofa.
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2012-07-28 05:18 pm


(Páva, Irén Lovász & László Hortobágyi)

I have decided to share what is perhaps the most bizarre musical find I have made this summer: a Hungarian attempt at speculative fiction in the field of music. Apparently, the question WHAT IF OUR URALIC ANCESTORS TRAVELED SOUTHEAST INSTEAD OF WEST ends in Indonesia.

Overall, I find the attempt by the Hungarian singer to adapt to Indonesian musical styles kind of amusing? On the other hand, the usual fascination "world music" has with gamelan is a bit silly, especially when the given scenario most likely ends in URALO-TURKS. I would actually expect something more like the following:

(Tortadur, Sevara Nazarkhan)

Except in Hungarian. Or possibly something with more Mongolian influence:

(In memory of Kül Tegin - Külteginin Hiygizi, Official Orchestra of the Tuvan Cultural Ministry)

I mean, it still means you get to listen to someone talk about peacocks over gong chimes?

Also, here is Kulintang:

(Kulintang Contest in Mindanao)

(Um you may want to skip to 0:50)

Meanwhile, Indonesia doesn't need hypothetical scenarios to appropriate that most European of musical traditions, electronica (tongue fully in cheek).

(Kampung Yang Tenggelam, Belkastrelka)

(This band is great.)
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2012-05-25 09:12 pm

In which I review Eurovision entries, and provide links to a few

So, this is a slight edit of an e-mail I sent to [personal profile] noldo and [personal profile] kaberett. I have added two videos I think of as worth seeing due to a reference on a race issues blog (yes, it was racialicious; yeah, that is horridly USois and kind of missed how Norway had an Iranian immigrant). In deference to having non-European immigrants singing at EUROVISION, I have added these songs. Also I have given links, as opposed to embedding because editing would be effort. Should there be sufficient demand, I might try to embed things as soon as free time presents itself. 

Um. So I had previous seen France's entry in a queer news aggregator. One guess as to why.
Moldova is great. BUT WHY IN ENGLISH. NO WHY.
Italy, USE ITALIAN. Er. This song is great, but the Italian chorus is rare enough I did not meet it until the end.
So if you squint, this has the structure of uh EVERY CPOP SONG EVER. But then it explodes at the end so I don't know?
Um. And Bulgaria, you have too much in common in your pop music with Avar. OH GOD YOU ARE SAYING I LOVE YOU IN 800 LANGUAGES. Also uh wow fan service.
Um skipping many clearly but oh god. GUYS WHY (MOSTLY) NAKED MEN. IS IRAN RIGHT? IS THIS SECRETLY A PRIDE FESTIVAL? (Croatia is what)
I um might like Iceland. This is kind of bad overly dramatic pop music. BUT STRINGS. (OTOH, English?)
The music is kinda awful. And in English, where uh Cyprus could BILINGUAL GRECOTURKISH NONSENSE. But THIS VIDEO. IT IS SO BIZARRE.
OHMYFUCK TURKEY. THIS IS AMAZING. (English though) (No uh disappointing lyrics)
For being surprisingly competent lounge singing, Portugal:
I genuinely like this, and am blaming Aland for IE and not Uralic (in fact, I should have blamed Nyland:
Pernilla Karlsson - Nar jag blundar (Finland)

In which Norway sends an Iranian immigrant. (ENGLISH WHY ENGLISH GUYS NORWEGIAN IS HILARIOUS). I mean, musically this is intersting
 (I want to say it's hip-hop, but I think it's a little too popish? GENRES ARE HARD). Otoh, manpain.  Kind of.

Tooji - Stay (Norway)

In which Ukraine makes REALLY HILARIOUS ENGLISH-LANGUAGE POP. Also the singer is Congolese-Ukrainian, and, predictably, some conservative politician commented "Millions of people who will be watching will see that Ukraine is represented by a person who does not belong to our race...the vision of Ukraine as a country located somewhere in remote Africa will take root." [source]: 
I mean, okay I don't like judging non-native English accents. Except, guys, something about preserving linguistic heritage. And seriously, it uh increases your comprehensibility. To someone. ALSO, I WANTED A SONG IN FLEMISH AND FRENCH, BELGIUM. And uh see above rants. Oops Malta. I would be happier if you spoke Maltese. Also you look surprisingly like I would expect speakers of Arabic's most Romance-influenced daughter language to look.
Also NO MORE BALLADS. ESPECIALLY IN ENGLISH. The Western Balkans have a problem. Also I considered sending a ballad in uh Bosnian b/c TINY DONKEY. So uh if you want tiny donkeys. (I added link on basis of DONKEYLING/FOAL)

Maya Sar - Korake Ti Znam (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Slovakia, this is punk or so. EUROVSISION IS FOR BUBBLE GUM POP.
Latvia, Lithuania, your mission, should you accept it, is to sing in INCREDIBLY CONSERVATIVE INDOEUROPEAN LANGUAGES. In failing to do so, you have uh killed kittens or something.
Israel, modern Hebrew is the best experiment in linguistic revivalism ever. Also this is like every bad 70s rock song ever had a kid. I don't know.
Austria, plz do not make rap. Especially if it is sexually objectifying. (Yes so are many other things but uh pole dancers v. lyrics? Also
In sum, party for everybody:
Buranovskiye Babushki - Party for Everybody (Russia)


ETA 2: Er.  They got second?  And apparently Sweden won?

Loreen - Euphoria (Sweden)

I am also disappointed. (ABBA was better)
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2012-02-02 09:21 pm

Things I Learned from Queer Films

In reviewing our experience with queer media, [personal profile] noldo and I discovered a number of facts about nonheterosexuality we previously had not encountered.

things I learned from queer films )

Thanks to [personal profile] kaberett for proofing.
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2012-01-10 12:10 am

Why Everything Comes From India Uncle Is Never Allowed Linguistics

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis
oh dear

[personal profile] noldo
No the worst thing on the Internet
is deshi uncles trying to linguistics
it is actually the worst

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis
Note um.
Tur is a Persian exonym

[personal profile] noldo
Dude seriously
Deshi uncles trying to linguistics I have read so many of these they are all horrifying

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis

[personal profile] noldo
No it all ends with like horrible uncle claiming all languages are Gujarati really
And you are like uncle
And you are like uncle that is not even Indo-European
And he is like beta, Hungary is in Europe only chup raho
And you cry bitter, bitter tears.

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis
What no then you tell him that Gujarati is a Dravidian-Arabic creole with an Iranian substratum

[personal profile] noldo

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis
That took in all its vocabulary from Hindi and Marathi in the 1500s.
No um.
Before that it was amazing.
And Marathi is a Persian-Dravidian Creole.

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis
We should post this
On dreamwidth.

[personal profile] noldo
See, I just want to print that out and frame it.
And cross-stitch it.

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis

[personal profile] noldo
Dreamwidth is inferior to cross-stitch.

[personal profile] mustela_nivalis
New craft hobbies.
Now with added linguistic redemption value.
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2011-10-28 10:03 pm

Issues with the portrayal of developing countries

Within the past few months, I have noticed that Westerners, and, in particular, Americans, tend to stereotype so-called third world countries—a term that originally referred to countries involved in the Unaligned Movement rather than relative economic prosperity , but that is a slightly more complicated geopolitical story. I have heard Thailand reduced to a country filled with homosexuals (which kind of misses the third gender aspect of the kathoey), India to a hotbed of poverty, Ethiopia to famine, Turkey to human rights violations (which is fair), and Iran to uneducated theocrats (which isn't). Yes, noting the problems of any nation is important; no, ignoring their good points is myopic and reinforces colonialist ideals (the West must go in and punish or save failing nations).

Recognizing the fact that as an American of South Asian extraction, I might occasionally miss cultural subtleties, I will occasionally post cultural practices of note in non-Western nations, including such things as traditional legal codes, medicine, religion, music, or whatever else seems appropriate. I will probably ignore countries traditionally considered developed unless there exists a popular misunderstanding of that country worth correcting. I acknowledge that among the countries mentioned above there are economic disparities. On the other hand, each of them often carries strong negative associations in the West.
Finally, I will try to avoid talking too much about music or food, as, while interesting, these are perhaps the parts of any culture most often appreciated in the west, although I might be willing to make exceptions for music if I feel it is too often ignored.

Without further ado, I give you xeer. )
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2011-09-08 01:43 am

Cultural Erasure During the Great War

This is perhaps a touch overlong and only a first draft. With luck, it will be ready for peer review and hopefully publication in the historical journal from Ba Sing Se, The Great War. I will perhaps expound more on those cultures mentioned, although hopefully the revival movements will render such explanation unnecessary.

Portrait of a genocide )

Thanks to [personal profile] noldo for lending of a few resources and spot-checking on words. Linguistically, this thing is slightly lost and might exemplify why Sino-Japanese, Dravidian, and Indo-Iranian cultures should um probably not actually try to form a confused nation-state. Also, no, probably final, unless something is glaringly wrong with this.
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2011-07-17 12:31 am

A Posthuman Perspective on the Question of Identity in the Early 21st Century

The media of this era proves to be problematic, inadequately representing moral dilemmas where we have discovered none in our time. This is an example of such a dilemma.

A posthumanist tract on presingularity media )